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The Other Side of the Mountain Essays

The Other Side of the Mountain Essays The Other Side of the Mountain Essay The Other Side of the Mountain Essay A get away can be appreciated from The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver in which the main character experiences a change, a change in her way of thinking. The passage serves to present a theme about the upcoming events in the book. It does so by describing the changes that the author lives through, her reactions to it, and even unexpected surprises encountered during her rebirth stage that gives the reader hints or clues leading to the upcoming.The reader is able to apperceive the protagonists mind because of the authors simple fashion of writing, and its relatively easy comprehensibility.At the beginning, she adopts a new name as she adopts a new perspective on the world, broadening out from her rural Kentucky background to a larger view of life. She realizes a names importance by reflecting that we receive it, and we do not choose it (line 6-7), but admits she had influence in choosing her new name. Her anxiety to get a new name, therefore adopt a change (the motif in this passage) , displays itself in line 5: I didnt have anything special, but just wanted a change. This gives the reader a question in mind: Why the urge to forget the past? The answer can not be responded with this passage, but instead, the excerpt leaves it to the imagination. In addition, the cars driving and gas stations contribute to the meaning of an upcoming life. They are both associated with a vacation, a trip, or just the search for something enjoyable, and there has to be a refueling that, in this case, occurs mentally. The character refuels by thinking about her mother (discussed later).In Oklahoma, she meets Bob Two Two, who, according to her, asked for a fair price (line 42) that left her with almost half the money she had. She used Bob to fix her car because she perceived the place she landed on, as a godless stretch of nothing (line 44). That part is where she broke her promise. She had stated that she would stay whenever her car gave out. It is clear that she had influence in bo th her name and the place she would stay, furthermore revealing the lack of firmness in her promises, which displays her naà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½vetà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½.Moreover, she seems to have a strong bond with her mom. The simple fact that she calls her mom Mama exhibits a relationship in which names of affection are given and heartedly accepted. I wonder what her mom called her In addition to her relationship with her mom, we can infer that the name giving exists from an admiration towards her, an admiration to her adult thinking in contrast to her naà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½vetà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½, previously explained. All this thinking about her mom refuels her, for an unknown upcoming event (foreshadowing).She presents the Cherokee land as being godless. The Cherokees believed God was in the trees(line56), and then she explains the landscape: From what I could see, there was not one tree in the entire state of Oklahoma (line 59). This statement shows the characters beliefs toward religion, or perhaps homeland. An interpretation could be made from the fact that she perceives her own familys past as being archaic, something that does not influence her and her new persona. From what I could see (line 59) cues us that she has a limited perspective and could never see too far (line 32). However, her mom probably was not talking literally when she said that they can always go live on the Cherokee Nation and meant that it was an open place of mental peace. Here lies the difference that her mom and the protagonist had, and from that difference comes an admirationThe protagonist demonstrates signs of depression throughout the text by the style in which she describes her thoughts. I would drive west until my car stopped running, and there I would stay (line 25-26) is her way of showing vague thinking. In other words, no sane person would take such a huge risk. Another example occurs during the time that the character was engaged in reverie. At the time her car was fixed, she says, I could have fix ed it myself showing that after she saw what Bob Two Two did, she knew what he did was simple. It shows that she did not even attempted. She could even be considered suicidal as well, because of her relationship with God in the text. For example she uses particular phrases like, nothing left to hope for (line 35-36), godless (do you see God when you want do die? Does reassurance exist in you?) (Line 44). In addition, when she imparts that there was not one tree in the entire state of Oklahoma she says, in other words, that she did not see trees in the horizon, hence life in her horizon.The passage uses literary features to attract the readers attention toward the text and allure him, enhancing his understanding, like personification, used in line 8 to incarnate the car, as if it was able to make decisions. In addition, on line 25-26, she uses metonym and metaphor to establish the relationship between the car and the supposed-wheels running. Used in line 31, is antithesis that serves to emphasize Oklahomas flatness. Along with those mentioned, she also makes use of diction (Southern slangy). Nevertheless, perhaps one of the most prominent literary resources used is irony. The author used irony at the end, when she abruptly stated that there was no God in Oklahoma, when the reader was expecting all, but the opposite, based on the context.The inevitable advancing course of time that turns people from children to adults, and from adults to elders, is an undying theme. In this text, the character decides to run away and attempts to make a rebirth. One cannot deny that everyone, at one time, desires to get away and wishes to go past those mountains even if it means changing our name.

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Winter Weather Terminologies

Winter Weather Terminologies The terms winter storms and snowstorms may mean roughly the same thing, but mention a word like blizzard, and it conveys so much more than just a storm with snow. Heres a look at the flurry of winter weather terms you may hear in your forecast, and what each means.   Blizzards Blizzards are dangerous winter storms whose blowing snow and high winds lead to low visibility and white out conditions. While heavy snowfall often occurs with blizzards it isnt needed. In fact, if strong winds pick up snow thats already fallen this would be considered as a blizzard (a ground blizzard to be exact.) In order to be considered a blizzard, a snowstorm must have: heavy snow OR blowing snow, winds of 35 mph or more, and a visibility of 1/4 mile or less, all lasting for at least 3 hours. Ice Storms Another type of dangerous winter storm is the ice storm. Because the weight of ice (freezing rain and sleet) can down trees and power lines, it doesnt take much of it to paralyze a city. Accumulations of just 0.25 inches to 0.5 inches are considered to be significant, with accumulations over 0.5 inches considered as crippling. (Just 0.5 inches of ice on power lines can add up to 500 pounds of extra weight!) Ice storms are also extremely dangerous to motorists and pedestrians. Bridges and overpasses are especially dangerous when traveling since they freeze before other surfaces. Lake Effect Snow Lake effect snow occurs when cold, dry air moves across a large warm body of water (such as one of the Great Lakes) and picks up moisture and heat. Lake effect snow is known for producing heavy bursts of snow showers known as snow squalls, which drop several inches of snowfall per hour. Noreasters Named for their winds which blow from the northeast, noreasters are low pressure systems that bring heavy rain and snow to the East Coast of North America. Although a true noreaster can occur any time of the year, theyre most fierce in the winter and spring and can often be so strong that they trigger blizzards and thundersnow. How hard is it snowing? Like rainfall, there are a number of terms used to describe snowfall depending on how fast or intensely it is falling. These include: Snow Flurries: Flurries are defined as light snow falling for a short duration. They can also be tiny snowflakes falling for longer periods of time. The most accumulation that can be expected is a light dusting of snow.Snow Showers: When snow is falling at varying intensities for brief periods of time, we call it snow showers. Some accumulation is possible, but not guaranteed.Snow Squalls: Often, brief but intense snow showers will be accompanied by strong, gusty winds. These are referred to as snow squalls. Accumulation may be significant.Blowing Snow: Blowing snow is another winter hazard. High wind speeds can blow falling snow into almost horizontal bands. In addition, lighter snows on the ground may be picked up and redistributed by the wind causing reduced visibility, white out conditions, and snow drifts. Edited by Tiffany Means

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Accounting System Checklists Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Accounting System Checklists - Lab Report Example The selection of the best accounting system software requires a lot of proper research and studies in order for the organization to work effectively. There is a lot of misinformation about the best place to gather information about the best accounting software installation system. There are various stages and steps that are usually very important to be followed in installing the right and good accounting software. These steps are very important to both large and small organizations that need proper accounting system (Collins, 2014).Therefore, this paper will provide some of the best steps to take in designing and selecting the right accounting system software in an organization. The paper specifically provides this accounting system software installation steps for the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Company. For proper selection of the best software for accounting system it is important that the organization come up with a committee comprising of about six people (ȘtefÄÆ'nescu, 2012). The committee will help in provision of the best evaluation procedure to be used in selecting the new software system. Therefore, the committee should include various individuals who understand the use and procedures of the new software system (Dodaro, 1998). The installation of the software should be under effective budget which include the cost of the software and hardware as well as the cost of its implementation process. The timing system for the evaluation, formulation and implementation of the system should also be provided by the committee (Hodgson, & Ponte, 1991). The organization must consider the various problems that are facing the current accounting system and how such problems can be solved through the installation of new accounting system software (Brandas, Stirbu, & Didraga, 2013). It is important that you allow the value added resellers to

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The Negative Effects of Music Videos on our Children Essay

The Negative Effects of Music Videos on our Children - Essay Example The lyrics tend to have a significant corrupting influence on the youth. Particular genres such as hip-hop, gangsta rap and heavy metal are found to be more damaging to children than the rest. The racial attitudes and interpersonal relations of teenagers can be influenced by the music they watch. The later part of the 20th century had seen a disturbing development. The greatest threat to the health of American adolescents in recent decades is violence induced injuries and death. During the 1990’s, nearly 70% of all teenage deaths are a result of violence – accidents, manslaughter, homicides, etc. In 1994 in particular 357,000 teenagers were assaulted badly enough so as to require emergency medical treatment. A further 3569 of them eventually succumbed to their injuries. Adding to the alarm, the number of juvenile arrests for violent crimes during the year was recorded at 150,000 that included 6000 rapes and 85,300 aggravated assaults.

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Genghis Khan and the making of the Modern World Essays -- Civilization

When the word â€Å"Mongol† is said I automatically think negative thoughts about uncultured, barbaric people who are horribly cruel and violent. That is only because I have only heard the word used to describe such a person. I have never really registered any initial information I have been taught about the subject pass the point of needing and having to know it. I felt quite incompetent on the subject and once I was given an assignment on the book, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern Age, I was very perplexed for two reasons. One I have to read an outside book for a class that already requires a substantial amount of time reading the text, and secondly I have to write a research paper in History. I got over it and read the book, which surprisingly enough interested me a great deal and allow me to see the Moguls for more than just a barbaric group of Neanderthals, but rather a group of purpose driven warriors with a common goal of unity and progression. Jack Weatherford ’s work has given me insight on and swayed my opinion of the Mongols. Jack Weatherford showed great enthusiasm and passion while depicting Genghis Khan as a great leader, who was responsible for the unity of people and various other accomplishments. He had a very positive attitude toward the subject, although he didn’t set out to write a book about him, but rather on about the history of world commerce. In the process of researching the Silk Road he traveled to Mongolia and gain vital first hand information into the vast accomplishments of Genghis Khan and the Mongols (xxx). He seems upset about previous ideas that many may have believed that highlight his beloved Mongols in anything but a positive and respectful light. He also expresses feelings about later Mon... ...ed Chinese culture then and still does now. The Mongol Global Awakening caused new technological advancement, such as carpenters using general adze less and adapted more specialized tools. There were new crops developed as well (235). The Mongol preeminence was destroyed as a result of the Black Plague. The Mongols have influenced many of the concept and idea that we still see utilized today in politics and international relations. Jack Weatherford tremendously changed my insight into the true Mongol and not the barbaric, savage I once thought of just by hearing the word. I resent this research paper a great deal, and I know that I may not get the grade I want, but at least I did learn something new and destroyed the previous thought I had about these people just by completing it so I feel it served its purpose and that’s the only reason my mind was changed.

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Different Contexts In Communication Essay

†¢Social – When in a social environment you are more than likely around people who know your personality and how you communicate, if that is with jokey sarcasm, dramatic actions, being load, quietly thoughtful or any other way in which you may use your communicational skills. Because of the friendship you will have with these people and the want they feel to spend social time with you, they will understand your ways, accept them, and that is how you are able to be yourself in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. †¢Professional – Meetings, talking with other parents/members of staff/students/outside agencies. All require professionalism; the way in which you conduct yourself should be with a friendly, but not formal attitude. Respect, listening, interest and understanding should be shown by you in body language, questions, answers and possible solutions. In some of these meetings important issues can irises and it is important that no matter what the subject is you take a high interest at getting any issues dealt with, but always keeping the situation calm and none threatening. Sarcasm, inappropriate jokes and other behaviours should be left to use in your social time; this is not the place for informal attitudes, a professional stance is required, with a level amount of understanding and respect. †¢Cultural – If a meeting has been arranged with people of a different culture if possible a little research into acceptable communicational behaviour would help, but being careful not to assume a stereotype attitude. If there is going to be a language barrier, provisions should be made. In some cultures they have very different ideas on what is offensive and polite. For example shaking hands to me is a polite way to say hello and introducing yourself, but there are cultures that find this rude, along with eye contact, (which is a big way to show you are listening in our culture) also the way in which you may be dressed could cause affence. When any of these skills in which you should conduct yourself in are crossed, this could leave the other member in your party feeling offended, unable to have the confidence to express what they are feeling and lose the trust to be able to come to you with a problem again.